New stator still no spark! Help me!

Ok heres the deal, I have a 1987 XR600, when I bought it , it would run for a while then cut out and die. Then it would only start once , like the fiirst time you tried, then it would run for a while then quit again. It finally wouldn't start at all. After checking it out I determined that it wasn't getting any spark. Well I bought a used stator off ebay, put it on and without putting oil in the bike just wanting to check for spark, kicked it a few times and I had a good spark. Then once again it quit, no spark! This is kinda how it acted before I did anything to it. What is going on! My lights light up when kicking it over. Checked all my connections and everything seems good. What should I do? Thanks for any suggestions, I am getting a little frustrated!

Sounds like your ignition control module. It os ok and sparks when cold or first started then flanks out. Just an Idea. Older ford cars and vans use to do the same thing. Spark ignition control module would work then jsut cut out. I use to carry a spare module in the glove box. Ah the good ol days.

Ignition control module or ignition coil itself. I would guess control module

I had a problem on my DRZ it would run fine until I hit about 4000 RPM and cut out. I found the problem with an O-Scope. I watched the IGN pulses until I saw them drop out. I was able to determin the stator was bad.

With that in mind if you have access to a scope you could watch the IGN pulses on the primary side of the coil. (The little wire that goes to the coil.)

If the bike dies and you still have a sig then you have a bad coil. Power in but not out. If your sig drops when the engine dies then you have a problem with the module. You already changed the stator so it has to be 1 of the 3. Just for the heck of it make sure the kill button is not shorting out any place. You could have a pinched wire or bad switch. That would be the first thing I looked at.

Good Luck


You need to get a manual or find out from someone in this forum what the resistance should be on the stator, that will tell some of the story. I had a bike a while back that did the same thing and it was the stator going short as it heated up and expanded. It's possible your new one from Ebay is bad as well. That is why most auto parts places have a no return policy on electronics. You might want to check your ignition coil as well. Good Luck, hunting electrical gremlins can be frustrating.:censored:

Ohm resistance should fall between 230 & 320 on pre-91 XR/XL 600 exciter coils. Test between the black/red wire from the stator and the chassis of the bike (or body of the stator if it's removed.)

I went through the whole routine, on an '86, and it turned out to be the stator, all along.

If that checks out, when warm, then the next thing would be the black box.

Check the resistance of the coil, too, especially after the spark quits, if you can. Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will try them as soon as I have some time.

I bought a meter to check things out. Both my old stator and my new one seem to check out fine. I also checked the coil and all the wires on the CDI, everything checked out OK. The book says that if everything checks out then its the CDI that is bad. So I guess that will be my next purchase. thanks for the help

Sounds like a coil...maybe...

Let us know how it goes.

My personal experience has been that when the CDI module goes, it goes. The stator and ignition coil performance can get worse as they get hot, then the bike won't run or run well. On a pre '91 the stator is the weak link, the stator is more reliable on the '91 and up. You need to check the resistence values cold vs hot of both stator and coil (primary/secondary) to find the problem. Primary windings check of the coil can be tricky if you don't have the right meter. Since you have tried two stators, I would guess that you've got a bad coil, you still need to check the values of both after the bike cuts out. Get your hands on an XR500/XR600 (year doesn't matter) backup coil to switch out and see what happens. Good luck.

Before you go buy that CDI box try to hook up with someone who has a running bike of similar year and give theirs a try on your bike. The time it will take will be minimal and could save you hundreds. You can't return those CDI's if it turns out not to be the problem. Good luck.:applause:

Well I can't try it cold or hot it won't start! I can buy a new CDI on ebay for $45.00 shipped. I have not been able to locate a cheap coil yet. Thanks for the suggestions

Well here is the rest of the story! I bought a new CDI and a coil for my bike off ebay for $75.00, I thought it was the CDI but I bought the coil also just in case, it was only another $20.00. As soon as I plugged in the CDI I had spark. That was good but then to get it started was another story, It has been apart for a couple of months. I kicked and kicked and all it did was try to break my leg kicking back. So I let my son try for a while and it kicked back and broke my kickstarter! So now I have to deal with that. Anyway we got the ATV out and pulled it and pop started it and it runs great! I have not even put the coil on yet, but I guess I will. Now I just have to get the kickstarter taken care of and the back brakes and I can ride it! Thanks for your help.

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