flywheel install 426

he guys i have been seriously been thinking about installing a 12 to 16 oz flywheel in my 01 426 and was wondering how hard this is to do, and does anybody have any pictures?

Easy to do if you have the right pull tool. I did it this morning on my 05 450. Wash the engine (or better the whole bike) thoroughly to make sure no dirt can enter the engine. Lay the bike on its right side. Remove the left cover where the ignition is housed. Put the gearbox in high gear. To block the rear wheel I used a piece of wood inserted between the rear spokes, near as possible to the rim, sitting on one of the nipples. As you turn your socket with a bar you would turn the backwheel also - the wood prevents this and you can undo the nut safely.Remove the nut and washer from the ignition rotor. Insert the flywheel puller (metric thread 27 X 1 LH) into the rotor and tighten the center screw of puller - the rotor will come off now. Make sure the key is still correctly located in the crankshaft. Put the new rotor on crank and turn it round until you feel its engaged on the protruding key. Put washer and nut on crank, insert the wood again the spokes, this time under the swingarm and tighten the nut. Don´t use impact drivers - too brutal. Put the cover on an fit the shifter again. Shift to neutral and start your bike - I found it to be very different - more torque at low revs. It does not stall as easy as it did before.

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