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Drz 400 sm questions

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Hey whats going on guys,.....

i just got my self a brand 07 drz....Let me tell what a great bike it is i haven't had so much fun in my life then on this bike...So nimble,Smooth,Quick and just great FUN!!!!!

Well never mind with that stuff....But here are my questions.

1.I was wonder now all my friends have quads i ride dirt bikes my whole life and couldn't picture me getting a quad so i was wonder how can my make my Sm for the dirt by leaving it the same....

2.Will the drz 400 e rims fit

3.will it effect my ride and trip meter

4.does the bike handle the same on the dirt then it does on the street

5.If i get the drz 400e rims will they bolt right up

well thanks alot guy for the answer and the help... if u guys have any pics that u can show me how the bike looks with the dirt wheels on please post them

Safe riding

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Hi, replied to your PM.

But for anyone else asking these questions; yes, DRZ 'E' or 'S' wheels will bolt right up, same spacers. Need the 'S' speedo box for accurate mileage.

Don't know quite what you're asking about it handling the same in the dirt but backing off the clickers would be good for dirt.

I threw a lot of info I researched and asked a lot of questions in my thread, For those who swap SM and dirt.

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I'm going to play with these settings:

Re: DRZ 400 SM street or track day only riders....

My settings for front forks:

5 clicks from softest point for dirt wheels

4 clicks from hardest point for SM wheels

Settings for rear:

2 clicks softer from factory preset for dirt

Factory pre set setting for SM

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