Mike (roseville)John and guys lets do stonyford on the 26th the snow is melting and big Dan has a new taril :)


ps. For all the guys that wear glasses I have a geart place to buy goggles with RX lens somthing new wait tell you see them. Web site WWW.WILEYX.COM look at the SG1.A new twist to this I will be A dearler for the Wiletx goggles and sun glass, and all TT get wholesale price.

[ January 20, 2002: Message edited by: MONTY ]

Thanks for the invite Monty.

My Wr is limping since the 1400miles of baja and I would feel guity if I jumped on it without rebuilding it first.

I can't wait to hear about the new trail!

I think I can make it. I will get in touch with John and get back with you shortly.

Mike in Roseville

Mike lets make it the next weekend and camp there also over night.Paul got a new toy hauler and needs a per run before the daeth vally ride in march.Also I came down with the flu.

monty :)

[ January 22, 2002: Message edited by: MONTY ]

Camping at Stonyford Feb 2/3? Fouts Spring? I may be able to make it for the day. Parents are in town that weekend.....

Death Valley ride in March? More info available?


Hey Monty, sorry you are not feeling well. I was hoping to make it to stonyford this weekend. Perhaps next time...just got the blue beast back together and am looking forward to ripping some. talk to you sometime soon.

Michael :)

Monty, Tony and I are coming on the 2nd. It looks like we are just going to come up for the day so we will stage out of Digger Pines and ride over to Fouts Springs to hook up with you.


That sound good Howard see you up there if it don't rain or snow :)


What do you mean if it don't rain or snow :) the more rain and snow the better!!!!!!

same ol, huge

You know it's for Brian so he will know if he should bring the dog or the bike. :)


You guys are brutal! :)

Monty, we are still planning on coming up this week-end. I will try to leave Friday afternoon. We should have decent weather. But, I'm bringing my dog just in case! :)

Paul and others i can not make it this weekend i still have this flu and chest cold let me know if you want me to cancel the camp ground or if you guys are going to go up anyway.You can call me for the gate lock combo, to get into the camp ground. 707 446-4066

monty :D:D:)

I will be camping in Stoneyford this week-end. Big Dan is coming and says he knows some new trails. Anybody else coming? P

Cancelled due to lousy weather! Bodega bay here I come! :)

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