What Color Or Color Combination???

I recently purchased a '93 XR600R. The bike is in need of all new plastics and the tank needs something done to it colorwise. SO, I have a few questions and I was wanting some personal opinions-as well as PICTURES-if you have them to post.

My tank was painted ORANGE by the previous owner. I think he was trying for a red, but missed the mark horribly. Now that paint is bubbling from exposure to gas I presume. It looks to be on there pretty thick as well.

Anyways, I was thinking about going with either all white plastics-to include stripping the tank down and repainting it white, or all red plastics to include the tank. Since I have to purchase everything new except the tank, it will be easy to purchase all of the plastics in the color I want. Where I really need help is on the seat cover, and what color, if any, should I have on the side plastics?

I really want a factory looking seat cover that has the "XR600R" logo on it. What color????????? Then the question comes in about graphics.. What graphics should I put on the bike?? I was thinking that once I apply the graphics, I am going to clear coat over each panel (that has graphics) to further protect them from scratches and to hopefully prevent them from pealing. Is that advisable?

Next, is there any place that I can purchase all of the plastics at one time, like in kit form? Or, do I have to order each piece individually?

I have seen that some of the factory side panels have a color pattern applied to them. Is that painted on? Do they come that way when I purchase them new?

Your opinions count-which color, or color scheme/combination should I go with?

Hi. I sanded and buffed the scratches out of my tank and thought a clear coat would be a good idea, I got some that said it would work on plastic, well it pealed off. I also was looking for a seat cover and had trouble finding the blue w/ xr600r logo. I had an upholsterer do it, no logo, for $80.00 and it is working out good.

heres my 94 work in progress

new bike pics 001.jpg

new bike pics 004.jpg

new bike pics 005.jpg

I got my bike all decked out in Black and White. The black is just plastic spray paint and surprisingly it has lasted pretty well. I've scuffed it up a bit but other than that it's ok. Here is a pic. This pic shows the stock tail light and luggage rack, I've since removed them and put in an Acerbis unit before breaking the stock one.


XRLTim are you in Scotia Ca. ?

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