WR/YZ 426 Plastics swap

So here I am balllls deep in a plastics conversion... I got these fancy new fenders, fancy new YZ tank, fancy SDG Gripper seat, i get down to the shrouds and for some damn reason they dont fit. So im just hoping that i got a bad bunch from acerbis and ordered some new UFO's and pray that they fit unless you guys have some other advice that a couple years of reading these forums didnt teach me.

Ohh ya.. its on a 02 WR426..

02 WR shrouds should fit YZ stuff and vice-versa. You may have some 400 shrouds, which were different where they pick up the radiator. When I put new plastic on my '01, the shrouds I ordered didn't fit either. They were marked as 98-02YZ400/426. Clearly an error...

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