BRP Lowering Question

I'm usually about seven years behind, but finally bought a new '06 BRP. Found all the nifty sites and am currently fixing, greasing, changing fork oil and attending to all the other maintenance issues Honda has failed to address.

Did several forum searches but could not find an answer. I installed a Kouba lowering link and intially would like to slide the fork tubes up around 30mm-40mm to match the 1.5" lowered rear. Found lots of references and even pics showing the fork tubes raised about the same amount I'm considering.

Question least on my 2006 BRP, the fork tubes are tapered about 1mm less in diameter (46mm to 45mm) just below the upper triple clamp to just above the lower clamp. If one slides the fork tubes up more than 10mm-15mm, than the upper clamp will have to clamp on the tapered or reduced fork tube diameter area. The pinch area of the clamps look like they should be able to pinch the tapered area but just doesn't set well with me. Is this a concern...or have others been doing this all along w/o problems?

Intend to have the foks internally "lowered" later this spring. I am a fairly decent wrench-turner. Can these "lowering" spacers be fabbed and installed by an amateur or is this best left to a shop?



Read your previous posts on the subject. The GPR is something I will consider. Are the fork tubes on your BRP tapered just below the top clamp? If so, has this tapered area been a concern when the fork tubes were raised?


I used a Jorgensen wood clamp (sorry no vernier caliper) :censored: and metric tape to measure the fork tube above and below the top triple clamp. There was a 1mm difference. Visual inspection showed that the triple clamp gap at the bottom is smaller than the gap at the top (tightened to recommended torque). No problems.

Thanks for the reassurance.

The clamps pinch down just fine in the reduced diameter area but thought I should ask rather than break parts needlessly.

At some point, will look into making or purchasing a top clamp that allows the forks to slide up 30mm and still clamp near the top of the fork tube.

Nice trick with the wood clamp. Definite Red Green material.

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