need help on this one

i'm trying to set up a l.e.d blinker indicator lite,I have l.e.d blinkers with the l.e.d flasher all ready in place and that system all works great I just can't figure out which wire to connect a l.e.d indicator light up to. the wire diagram shows that the baby blue wire and the orange wires are the wires that lite up the stock indicator lite but if you hook the l.e.d into those lite then both blinkers flash at the same time.

please help

thanks in advance

dirt lover:smashpc:

Without a relay the simplest way is to have a separate indicator for L & R otherwise you are effectively bridging the L & R together causing them to flash at the same time. As you wire both the L & R leads to the same indicator light you're simply wiring them together causing both sides to recieve power irregardless of which side is turned on. I'm sure there's a more advanced way to wire in just one indicator but it will be more complex with the need for some sort of relay to prevent the bridging problem. My 2 cents worth. Let us know what you come up with.

I talked this one over with my father, he said if you split the positive wire off the indicator and put a diod in each of the positve wires then the power can't sneak back over to feed the other blinker,I'm going to try this and then I will post results with pics.

Cool. I'm OK with basic wiring but once you start talking diodes & such I'm pretty weak. Let us know how it works out. Might try this one myself if you can get a single indicator to work.

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