06 vs 07 WR450

Need help deciding between an 06 or 07 WR450.

Has anyone rode both bikes? If you have can you tell me how they were different. I have read Dirt Bike article etc but want 06 and 07 compared. Does the engine balancer make much difference etc?

I rode a unplugged 06 today and was impressed. Felt it had a lot of engine breaking though. I even was on a 07 KTM 450EXC and liked the handling of the WR better so it was eliminated.

The 06 out the door is 5700 and 07 is 7500 so am I getting 2 grand worth of upgrades. For your info I am an ex A-class motocross and ISDE rider so am experienced.

Thanks in advance for any input,

I have riden both bikes and the '07 is the machine. I find the '06 feels very top heavy and tends to stall easier in tight technical sections. The '07 feels like a motorcross bike and doesnt stall on the rocks as it has a counter balance on the crank that works. I rode 2-strokers for years and I love the way the '07 WR feels and handels. My freind has the '06 model and we had a drag the other day and the '07 pulled him from start to finish. I ended up getting bad arm pump on the '06 model when riding on rocks, but have not had this problem with the '07.

My advice go for the '07.




Thanks for the info. I am also making the switch from 2 to 4 stroke.

Couple questions more:

Did you find the 07 motor smoother than the 06? I felt the 06 had more vibration than the KTM. I was hoping with the counter balance or something like that the 07 would be a smoother motor.

Also Dirt Bike talked about low speed flameout. Do you have this problem?

What mods did you make to your bike? Dirt bike lists many but want to know what you did to make it run.

Thanks again for the info

Well yesteday I got a chance to ride the 07 Wr450 at the dealership. WOW, I can honestly say the 07 is a much better bike than the 06. When I pulled in after the test ride I was smiling and told the salesman it was sold. If any of you are wondering about the difference it is amazing. The 07 motor is so much smoother than the 06. Vibes from the motor are cut in half. I do not know the suspension since I was on pavement but the motor was awesome.

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