Shipping to Australia help.

Want to buy a s/h big tank for my new Wr450 but the guy says he can't ship it to Australia for me but will ship to a USA address if I buy it. Can sombody help me out.?? I will get the tank shipped to you and get you to forward it on to me via USPS 4-10 day service. I will pay you for the shipping via paypal.

I guess somebody on or near the West Coast might be better as it would be cheaper to get it posted here??

Thanks and I hope sombody can help me:thumbsup:

Pm me if you can.

They make them right there in Australia!:ride:

We have the problem getting them here in the USA but now someone distributes them into ouir country!:censored:


Don't want one that big!!! IMS 3.1 gal is what I'm chasing.


They make a 3.5 gallon tank (15 liter) as well as the big tanker!:applause:


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