Best Method to Get the Master Link on for a new O Ring Chain?

Best Method to Get the Master Link on for a new O Ring Chain? Needs some sort of clamp? Even without using the o-rings, it's not really able to go on.

The good ones use a press fit master link for greater strength and reliability. Use a C clamp or a pair of Vise-Grips, with a nut or similar placed over the outside plate to let the pins come through, and work it all the way on until the clip fits completely into the groove.

Cool, thanks...Hadn't thought of that...I'll giver er a try.:censored:


After you get the clip in the groove, take a flat screwdriver and pry the link back out so that it puts a bit of pressure on the clip. This will give a little more insurance that the clip won't fall off.

Regina makes an even nicer one. But you can improvise if you prefer not to buy one.


I put mine on with the clip on the inside, so if the link fails and it comes off while riding,it doesnt hit my case..anybody else do this..??

i find the cheap links are hard to clip on , the name brand, more expensive like Gray says are very easy to to snap into place. no tools required, just a flat screw driver to slide the cer-clip into place.

Just to clarify, the master link plate of the the higher quality chains, like the Reginas I use, has to be pressed into place on the ML pins, and does require a tool of some kind to do the job, as discussed above. This is done to make the link stronger, as the fit of the plate on the pins does most of the work of holding it in place, and so that there is no clearance between the plate and pins to allow the pins to work loose at their base over time. The clip just keeps the plate from ever working outward.

But, as Rex points out, once the link is pressed completely together, the clip in a good chain slips right into the groove without a problem, unlike some cheaper chains.

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