cold storage?

i just kicked down the cash for a 01 wr426, only one problem, there's about four feet of snowpack outside. which brings me to my question(s), if i take the bike to lower and warmer ground say once every 2 weeks what should i do to the bike when it is in storage between rides. i have a garage but no heat and dirt floor and the temp hovers right around zero at night


Riding it every two weeks or so is fine for your carb. The gas won't have a chance to go bad. The only other thing that seems to be a concern is the antifreeze in the coolant. As long as that's adequate, you shoud be good to go. If you can, you might consider putting one of those reflector type light fixtures with a 75watt incandescent bulb near the bottom of the bike so that the heat rises and keeps it from freezing. Just be careful that you place it so that no fuids can drip on it and start a fire. My friend used some extra wide aluminum foil to make a sort of duct work to funnel the heat generated toward the bottom of his bike. It looked goofy but seemed to work just fine.

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In my opinion, do nothing. Obviously your garage is dry so just have some antifreeze in the coolant like Boit said and you'll have no problems. This is my first year that I ride around it. My previous bikes couldn't be ridden during winter. I kept the bikes in my grandparents old byre. No heat but walls and roof. All I did was remove the battery and made sure that the coolant wouldn't freeze. I did start them maybe two or three times in five months, so two weeks is nothing.


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thanx for the info, also if anyone knows of a good riding spot in denver area durring the winter months or a website that has good info it would be appreciated


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