Results from some winter mods...

I finally went riding for the first time in 2 months because of the snow. It was muddy, but I loved every second.

During that 2 months, I did a few mods/service to my pig & I thought I'd let you know what I thought.

1st was the clutch mod. I added a steel plate to the inside of the clutch pack as described on The Pig Pen. I LOVE this mod. The clutch feels better than it did new. I can tell it has more bite, and the engagement/disengagement point is more instant. Excellent mod!

2nd, I replaced the front fork oil. It had been 3 hard ridden seasons, and I was bored. I am very glad I did that too. The stock oil had started turning into snot just like people warned me it would.

Here's the weird part of that service. I let both forks hang for 24 hours. I got 20.5 oz. of oil out of each one. In the book, the total stock capacity is 21.5 oz. of oil for each. I thought, cool, I got most of it out...

So, naturally I measured out 20.5 oz. of new oil for each fork. After putting it all together, my forks were much stiffer than they were before. I'm guessing that 3 years worth of dust & moisture increased the volume of the old oil. To maintain the original ride, one should probably add 1 oz. less oil than what they got out, and then add small increments of oil to fine tune the ride.

Anyways, to make a long story short, I started fiddling with the compression & rebound. I ended up making each adjustment 2 clicks softer than what I had, and believe it or not, I like the ride better. I felt really plush for slower, technical riding, and it felt great at high speeds with less drop when I hit the front brake. My cousin rode it, came back an said "what bumps."

I've read a lot of front fork talk here, but I never hear anyone talk about changing the oil level. People talk of changing oil weight, but not the level. I personally think the best fix to the stock forks is a higher oil level (I still use 5w), and softer settings on the compression/rebound. The manual says to add or subtract oil in 5ml increments. Doing some rough math, the oil level range in the book allows for around 8 increments of adjustment in either direction. I am not 100% sure where my oil level is at, but my guess is I'm around 3-4 increments above the stock level.

This last service on the forks the oil was set at 105 mm with lucas rm 12 oil. it was a 120mm with silkolene 2.5 before. I've found different suspension people have different views on what the settings should be. Soon as I get over this broken wrist I'm gonna ride the hell out of it and see.

how's the bike riding now? Have you had to firm it back up? I'm curious if the oil worked its way through the damper and now works great (vs before being all on one side)

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