80's CR500 steering stem?

Hey guys!

We're beginning a project with my 94 XR600 that involves a fork swap. Does anyone know if the steering stem from a early 80's CR500 is the same as the 90's XR600? The running theory is that alot of the 80's CR parts were rolled into the 90's XR.

A friend has a spare CR500 stem he'll give me for the transplant. It's just a question of if it will work. :censored:


- Erik

Yeah...I'd seen that one. The only difference between that equation and mine is that my XR is a '94. I know there were a fair number of changes on the XR600 once they hit the early 90's. I think '93 was the year things got different but don't quote me.

Hopefully if it doesn't work straight out, it should be close enough to...well...make work. :censored:


- Erik

I have an 89 and a 94 also,I was checking Bike Bandits parts schematic and they showed the same part numbers for bearings and steering stem for those years. For what its worth.

Ahhh! I was looking at the Ron Ayers website...they don't have fiche for the XR600 or older CR500's. I'll have to remember to go to Bike Bandit next time.


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