TTalkers@Prairie City GP

Hey guys since I still have not been able to make a ride with you :D How about we meet at Prairie City GP. I am racing the Senior C class at noon. I usually park to the right when you first get to the parking area. White Ford 4 Door with Camper Shell (Yamaha decal on front window) and pulling a small grey inclosed trailer with YAMAHA & KAWASAKI on the sides. Look forward to meeting everyone. Who else is riding this class?

Lets all have a safe race :)

Unkle Moose, I will be there. I ride SS C class. I'll look for you. Paul

I think I will make it but not for sure. I have a bunch or stuff to fix, fork seals leaking,oil change,grips,ect. I know its not much but haven't had much time.

marty :)

See you there #78 with yellow backgrounds. My dad will be there also he is racing in the Gentleman class 60+ :)


I will be there. White GMC pickup. My buddy will be with me with his new CR450.

Hey guys bad news, went riding with my nephews at Foresthill today and tweaked my knee :) Gonna miss the race. See ya on the trails sometimes.

Everyone have a safe race.

Unkel Moose, sorry to hear about your knee. I look forward to riding with you one day. Take care, Paul

How did everyone do? I was able to keep it on two wheels the entire race. I did stall it three times though and we all know how long it takes to get these things started. The start was pretty funny they made us run to our bikes from ten yards away. What a site it looked as if everyone was running in slow motion with all the protective gear on. I forgot to go through the prestart ritual (first race of the year jitters. Needless to say my wife has a picture of me coming down the front strait dead last :) I will be keeping that one for the scrap book, NOT! I was able to make up some time early with some creative line choices, they call it the 25 foot rule. I was able to catch a group of four strokes mostly KTM's. We railed for about two laps I think there were four of us switching the lead every so often. Then I was able to pull away and catch a group of three running ahead of me (two smokes) As the race went on it just seemed to get easier I think I finally started to relax and then it was over checkered flag. I was brown from head to toe from mud puddles and major amounts of roost from those four strokes. My pit crew didn't even recognize me it was that bad. But I finished 6 laps in a time of 1:59 minutes and change.Which was good enough for FIRST PLACE B, 4 STROKE. Man am I stoked first race of the season and a win :D

It was good seeing all of my Bud's at the races the commradre and friendship shared there is what makes me keep coming back.

Paul I was there cheering you on at the step up jump on the motocross track as well as cleaning up the mess of guys going over the bars who came up short.

where's that bottle of advil, Huge


Congrats on the First. I wish I could say I kept it upright. I took a digger over the bars in that grassy section right behind the starting area where a bunch of people were watching. The ruts through there were getting deep in the C race. I picked myself up and bowed to the crowd, then continued on. The first half lap of the C race was pretty hectic. I let myself get balked by other riders twice going up little climbs and stalled both times. I thought the course was pretty fun, but I could do with less of the rocky sections. The back part of the course was a blast the the high speed sections and the berms. It's great to run along with a 2 smoke and hear him get tapped out and then pull away. I love my YZ power with WR gearing.

Hey Howard, Congats on your first place finish! I had a total fiasco of a day and got there late and didn't get to have lunch. My blood sugar bottomed in the middle of the second lap and I almost endoed in the grassy section after the big hill. Somehow I managed to save it but sprained my thumb. But, I swore that I wouldn't DNF it. So I just paced myself for the rest of the race. No crash no stalls probably near last place! :D Still, we had a great time. I can't wait to do it again. See you in Hollister! Paul

P.S. I hear you about being brown all over at the end. My bike looked like the "Swamp Thing"! :)

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