Spark Plugs

I'm just curious. Has anyone had any noticeable results from upgrading the spark plug on a 650R? I've been using stock NKG's, but was wondering about buying a platinum, 2 prong or 4 prong plug. Is there a benifit?

I'm planning to match stock temp & gap.

I just bought a NGK Iridium Spark plug which is suppose to be better than the platnium. Guess I will know whether it is good or bad or no difference when the time comes.

Finally put the irdium NGK plug in and get my bike back together. I had another post about how hard my Pig was to start when cold. I never made any changes except for the plug and it started in 6 kicks. The third kick it fired and the 6 th kick it stayed running. The OEM Plug was black and asked if the Pig neded a hotter plug after it was uncorked due to more gas anmd air mixture going through the engine. It was harder than all get out to start before and starts so much nicer now. Not sure if it was the NGK Iridium plug but I do know it is so much easier to start

I bet your bike would start a lot better if you got the jetting tuned in. My 650r starts 1-2 kicks weather its 0 degrees or 100 degrees.

Just as a general warning I've been buying plugs from Cycle Gear and they are supposed to be pre-gapped. They are gapped about a tenth of an inch too wide according to my repair manual. Just a friendly reminder to make sure and check the gap before you toss em in.

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