Need advise on buying a '99 YZ400F

The bike is a 99 YZ400F.

Here are the specs

426 WR motor 10hrs on rebuild, all stock components.

DR D Pipe and exaust.

Revalved suspension for trail riding.

Tires are in decent shape.

Oversized clear gas tank.

Fires up easily.

Titled for street use although it needs a stator and lights.

Plastics are a little beat but it's going to get beat up :censored:

He said when he went through the motor he tore the frame down to nothing and checked all of the bearings bushings etc and lubed it.

The forks he is going to install new fork seals and install the stock springs for my weight 150lbs.

So essentially it is a wryz426 hybrid.

The bike and owner are from california.

Has extra parts.

Exaust, stock tank, plastics etc.

What I noticed.

throttle doesn't return easily, cables?

Clutch is a tad stiff is this from the cable or just the new rebuild?

everything looks to be in decent shape.

I am not a motorcycle tech but am mechanicaly inclined in the auto world so what else should I look for?

probably forgetting something but he was asking 1900 and he said he would take $1800. He said he had $1100 in the motor alone.

I plan on using it to ride mostly trails. What I would like to do is an 18" wheel on the rear and run a radial trials tire, and put a 13tooth front sprocket to drop the gearing a bit for switch backs. I also want to put lights on it for light duty street use and of course between trails on the road.

So what should I offer, or pay as it is?

Thanks in advance!


Help :censored: Have money burning in my pocket :ride:

sounds like a reasonable price as is...but offer less,say $1500 and work from there.If he's hard up for cash,he might let it go cheap.Throttle stiffness could be old cables and/or the tube itself to close to the bar end.I would first check that,then lube the cables and finally replace.The clutch on these bikes are relatively stiff,my '98 was...same thing with the clutch cable applies,but keep in mind that it isn't a 125.Otherwise it sounds decent enough,good luck.

Help :censored: Have money burning in my pocket :ride:

Agree. Sounds like a very good deal as is.

on my 99 yz400 ive had to replace throttle cables 3 times now look down near the housing on the carb where they go into the carb there could be frays there thats where mine keep fraying...........

Doesn't sound like too bad a deal. Especialy with the 426 motor and street titled.

I just sold my 99 yz400 street titled for $1500 (just for referance)

Check out the oil filter before you lay down the cash

if you check the oil filter, what would you look for?

I'm buyin a 2001 yz426

check for chunk of metal. A little is normal but not large amounts. If there is anything going wrong with the engine, it will show up in the filter

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