Bar risers

I've already did a serach for this subject, and i like som emor info.

My current set up is protapers, soctts tripple clamp, scotts damper. I want my bars a little higher and a little forward (1.5" will do both directions) do you guys have any suggestions?

Do i need to get the scotts SUB?


If you have a Scotts tripple clamp you can turn the bar clamp base to change the position. The mounting hole is offset. You will need to change the damper mount as well because the pivet point will be different. I added 20mm bar risers to one of my outer bikes. It just fits under the bar clamp with longer bolts

do youhave a pic of yur setup?

What bend protapers are you running?

I purchased risers from mine are 1.4'' high and 7/8 forward ,big diffrence for the standig position

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