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Hi all! I recently got my new wr426f and this forum seems like a great place to get help with

any problems that i may run into! my other bike is an xr650r but it is far too heavy for my riding,(racing enduro and playriding at the mx track!) I know the bike is good for enduro, but is it any good for mx? (I know it´s not a mx bike, but anyway....) Is there any "must do" things about the bike?


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Only a gazillion....how much money, time and willpower do you have !!!

Free Mods....

- grey wire, if applicable

- YZ timing

- rejetting (free-ish)

- bk mod (APJ timing)

- ACV Mod (Deoctpussing for 01 and 02) cant remember how its referred to but search on ACV (Air Cut Valve)

- make sure bearings are well greased apparently they come somwhat dry from the factory. Is it new or second hand...bears checking anyway!

- raise the forks (better steering)

Other Popular Mods

- header exhaust

- tall/short seat depending on how vertically challenged you are (or not as is probably the case if you are swedish!)

- seat/tank (but sounds like thats no problem)

- steering stabiliser...

- do I really need to go on....

Use the search function to get to "how tos" on the various issues.

Oh yeah, welcome

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My IN-FLIGHT Missle repairman friend has gotton somewhat carried away with his "Must Do" list. All of those things are great and will improve your experience but are not mandatory to get airborne. Your WR will roost just fine on the MX track. I would strongly suggest that you take your first double carefully as the WR suspension is setup for a plush ride out of the box and you will need to find a good control suspension setting for you (Adjust Compression/Rebound Clickers). If your going to be serious about riding enduros and MX with the WR you will need to have your suspension re-valved to take the continous punishment without continously bottoming out on big jumps.

Welcome to the Forum....

Bonzai :)

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