Bolts sheared off on starter clutch

Seems that these starter clutch bolts have sheared on others machines, if they were doweled or keyed the bolts would not see the shear force, from these high compression machines.

Think i will modify mine before it goes back together.

So now i'm in the market for rewinding or replacing the stator

When I fixed mine (the 2nd time) I found some harder allen bolts at the hardware store and never had a problem again.

I had a raptor 660 that did it all the time... just about every day that it was ridden!! what a crap ass design those bolts are... i hope the 450 motor isn't designed the same way!!

If the one way clutch has a 2-3 keyways or dowels it would be fine but those low grade allen head bolts break if you just drop on on the ground!!:applause:

I got rid of all those motors.... so i'm hoping your not talking abuot the motor in my new quads and bikes!!:applause:

Replace the bolts with 12.9 grade bolts.

Also get a little logner bolts - so that they are flush

with the outer surface of the starter clutch when you

tighten them - stock ones are too short.

Use locktite and torque to 16 Nm.

had the bolts shear off on my 250f and chewed up my stator. I replaced everything. changed the oil and thought I was ok. 2 rides later, bang...she blew up. some of the copper wiring caused the bearing to seize and snap the rod, crack the cases,crack the cylinder, and ruin the piston. this is not something to be taken lightly. Very expensive. It took 2 months just for the cases to come in off backorder. I couldn't wait so I bought a 06wr450.

What year WR are we talking about here? If it's the '03 without the starter mod shearing the starter clutch bolts is one of the things that went on particularly after the famous "loctite" fix which turned out to be disastrous. After the redesign in '04 the problems pretty much disappeared. The starter clutch should not be seeing that much torque since it's only engaged when the starter is turning. You need to find out why theres so much force on it. In the case of the '03 drive there was no torque limiter in the drive so if the motor kicked back it would engage the starter drive and many times shear the bolts as a result. If it is an '03 do yourself a favor and do the upgrade.

I think he has an 03 WR450 and most likely has not done the torque limiter upgrade.:applause:

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