Odd leak out the carb?

I have been rebuilding a YZ400F for myself and I put the gas tank on today and hooked it up to the carb and turned the fuel on and out of the black drain hose from the carb bowl gas leaks out with a pretty steady flow, I cleaned the entire bowl out and cleaned the floats and the pump cover sprained a ton of carb cleaner in the carb and still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas?..my friend told me to just put the bike together and run it and see if it fixes itself, he is assuming there is sometime of clog. Anyone have any ideas at all?

The float needle and/or the needle seat is either dried up and shrunk out of shape, or has a piece of dirt stuck on it, or caught between them. It may clear up on its own, but I would bet against it.

The float valve is probably shot. The rubber gets a ring around the tip of the float valve and then gas leaks by causing your carb to over-flow. I'd replace the float valve and seat.

I sprayed a shit load of carb cleaner down the gas intake hole and it doesnt leak anymore

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