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ice spikes

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for all you riders that hate spilling and sliding in the snow, i got a great mod for you. i got a ton of sheetmetal screws with like a 1/4 inch thread on them, hex head. and i screwed them into the center of all the knobs on the rear tire. they make the rear look sick. but make sure that the threads arent longer then the knobs of the tire or you'll end up with a flat. im thinking of putting them on the front tire, but only on the side knobs, since you really dont need alot in the front.

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That isnt anything new. We do that all the time around me.

Here is the tires off my sons old TTR90


This is what I use on my bike to ride on the ice


I just recently made this for trail riding in the snow. 1/4-20x1-1/4 hardened button head cap screws. It hooks up!!!


If you can afford it dont use sheetmetal screws. Use Gold Screws or Kold Kutter ice screws. Ice screws are hardened and will last way longer than normal sheetmetal screws. They cost a little more but are worth it.

You should be able to use longer than 1/4 screws in your tires. I use 3/8 in my sons TTR90 tires. But big bikes use 1/2 in the front and 5/8 in the back. That ice tire I pictured above uses 1" screws with a street bike tire inside that tire used as a liner. The screws go thru the main tire and into the liner. The longer the screws are the better they are going to stay in the tire without pulling out.

Winter riding is addictive. Once bitten its all over.

Oh and I would studd all of the front tire not just the sides. The front tire is almost more important than the rear. If you cant stear or keep the tire under you what good is a studded rear.

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