updated pics of my 426 :D

i got some pics with my moms digi camera instead of my P.O.S. camera phone (razr v3) and i think they turned out pretty good :censored: comments welcome:ride: and correct me if im wrong but i see a Power Now on this, correct? also how you like my "ghetto" stand?

i know the pics are big so i you want me to make them a link instead of displaying them let me know thanks :ride:P2160519-1.jpg







awesome! looks great!

youre mising a front brake clamp bolt though

oh, i like youre custom fuel petcock/filter thing...:censored: i know it came with it

yea a funny story about that bolt.... i went to take it off for the new bars and it was hard as hell as i was loosening it and i was like " wait a second, this can't be right" and i just twisted it a liitle more and SNAP!! so i left the top one in lol. i'll get my dad to drill it out/re-tap and ill get the top one done also. so momentarily for the fix i stuck some cut up zip tie and electrical tape in there and it was pretty tight to stay.

ps. that petcock flows faster then dumping the gas out of the top if i took the cap off and turned teh bike upside down :censored: i think im going to sand it and get it anno'd black or sumtin

Looks great.

thanks, i spent about 2-3 hours cleaning the motor with a tooth brush and some break clean, Terminator (grease,dirt,some other things) cleaner, and some engine degreaser, i definitly need a case saver

what type of front brake lever do you have? looks good bro!

what type of front brake lever do you have? looks good bro!

a parts unlimited one, i get them from my local bike shop, there like $5, normally there like $10 but they hook my up :applause:

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