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Is it normal for the bike to get this hot?

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Took my 04 yz out to the Pismo sand drags todays. After about 5 races i pulled up to the start and watched one of the zip ties pop off that was holding an insulator around the radiator hose. The hose is the one that goes inside the head pipe. Is hot enough to melt a zip tie bad?

So then i looked under the bike, and some smoke was coming off the lower portion of the engine. (not a ton, but some) It was probably 80 degrees today with a slight breeze, and the smoke would go away after a pass. (forcing air through radiators) It only happened if i had to wait over 20 seconds for people to stage.

Is this normal to see some smoke? could it be left over residue hidden in the frame from my oil change etc? Thanks for any help.

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