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New Kansas City, MO Racetrack (Road, SM?) 2008

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I found that a a new racetrack next to KCI airport has been approved by city council and will start construction in May, scheduled to open in spring 2008. I read this in the Friday, February 16, 2007 Kansas City Star on page B1.

What's really cool is the facility will include a go-kart track, so I'm hoping we can lobby them to allow SM use. I'm not sure how to go about this. The only point of contact the article gives is naming the developer, FastTrack Group LLC.

I found the online article, http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/news/local/16710142.htm.

Some more highlights if you don't click on the article:

  • City-owned property, 300 acres on North Brightwell Rd south of Northwest 120th St.

  • A $25 million facility with a 3.7-mile track, go-kart track, clubhouse and rental garage.

  • Will be a "motor sports country club" for paying members to race their sports cars and other street-legal autos and motorcycles.

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All I know is if they build a race track, they better give us a trail riding area too.

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yeah, for sure, because this track is too expensive for my blood. I found some more info on the track including their website they have up already.

KCI Motorsports Park

This is the killer, membership will only be for rich people so maybe I can still hope to get in on some club days.

Elite Team Member - full access

Pre-construction Price: $35,000

Post-construction Price: $40,000

Annual Dues: $6,000

Motorcycle Member - at least one track will be designated for motorcycle use

Pre-construction Price: $15,000

Post-construction Price: $20,000

Annual Dues: $2,000

Kart Member - kart track

Pre-construction Price: $5,000

Post-construction Price: $6,000

Annual Dues: $750

Their site says the kart track may be utilized for car or motorcycle driver training purposes so it's likely we could get the SMs on the track.

Here's a FAQ from their site:

Q: What is the KCI Motorsports Park?

A: It is a high performance motorsports club created for the sports car and racing enthusiast. The concept shares similarities to a golf-oriented country club. Members join and have a right to use the facilities in exchange for their initiation fee and annual dues. Members are obliged to learn the rules and conduct, as well as the physics associated with high performance motoring. Members then enjoy the ability to drive street legal cars or actual race cars in a controlled environment.

Q: Who will be using the facility? Will it be open to the general public?

A: Club members and participants will consist primarily of motorsports and motorcycle enthusiasts, sports car owners, racers, and car collectors. The track will also be available for rent to various car clubs in the region including, for example, the Corvette Club of Kansas City. The course may also be utilized by law enforcement and driver’s education schools and potentially host event weekends sanctioned by the SCCA or other racing entities.

Q: How many members will there be?

A: It is anticipated that 400 car memberships will be available for sale. Motorcycle and kart memberships will be sold based on track capacity.

Q: When will the KCI Motorsports Park be open?

A: The racing season typically lasts from March to October; however, the track will be open to members year round, weather and conditions permitting.

Q: What will be the hours of operations?

A: The Club will be open to members during “daylight” hours in the spring, summer and fall months. During the winter months, the track will remain open but no events will be scheduled November through February. The track will be available, weather and conditions permitting.

Q: What type of events will be held at the KCI Motorsports Park?

A: We anticipate hosting a variety of special events. Members will have access on all days except when a full track event is being hosted (e.g. SCCA events). In addition to club member use, the facility can be rented by car clubs, like the Porsche Club of America or the Ferrari Club of America, and law enforcement agencies using the facility to train. KCI Motorsports Park may also host SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) events that will include competitive racing.

Q: How do I become a member? How much does it cost?

A: Please visit the Memberships section of this website for information about the different levels of membership available and how to join.

Q: Is this a new idea? How many clubs like this are in the US?

A: While this club is a new concept in the KC area, there are actually a dozen or so of these type facilities across the US. The racetrack country club concept has been in use over a decade and has been met with great success. To find information about other racetrack country clubs, we have provided the following links to other facilities.




Q: How long is the course?

A: The full circuit is 3.75 miles. However, the track can also be split into two smaller circuits, the North Track and the South Track, measuring 1.7 and 2.1 miles respectively. The track incorporates turns and elevation changes creating a challenging and invigorating drive for all levels of drivers.

Q: Where is the track located? Directions?

A: The track is located just west of Kansas City International Airport, in the northern KC Metro. For directions, please visit the “Location/Directions” portion of our website.



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