Internal Baffle Removal-XR650R

Anyone have any tricks to removing the internal baffles on the stock muffler of the XR650R? Please le me know if you can. Thanks guys

I used a large bar to bend them down the first time. On a differnet muffle I would bend them down with the bar and then bent them back up with channel locks till they popped off from there spot welds. It turned out that you get much more of a "can" sound with the baffles all the way out and just bending them down about half way gave more flow with close to the same "type" of sound. When i say "large bar" I do mean a very heavy pointed digging bar. The muffler was o the bike and I would ram the bar 1~2" into the baffle. So there wasn't a lot of force slamming into the baffle and it did take a while to bend the baffle over. The baffle ripped in half before it would bend over on both sides. That is were I was hitting the baffle first was on each side with the point. Once the baffle broke on the sides then I hit the top and bottom to bend it over.

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