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I'm Re-jetting! Help me spend my $$$$$!!!!

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Okay, what the heck. Due to not properly winterizing my bike, I'm going to clean the carb and rejet while I am at it.

Surprisingly, the carb came out easy. In my experience, that is usually a sign of bad things to come.:lol:

anyway, I now have a grimy carb on my workbench. I'm off to go get some spray carb cleaner at pep boys before I start the tear down.

I'm going to order a bunch of parts from TT to do this, and would like a sanity check before I do so, and any recommendations would be great.. I'll wait to order till tomorrow a.m.

I have an '02 DRZ400S. 3X3 mod. I ride primarily at about 6500', but go on long trips in Colorado (Creede to Silverton) and will top out over 12,500 for a short while. Bunches of 8k to 9.5k riding in and about there as well as in the Jemez mountains.

I've read, re-read and searched till I was blue in the face. Found lots of recipes, and am thinking of trying this one:

127.5 main Small Round Main TT# 13-2127 5

(Going to start at third clip)

25 Pilot TT# WPS_1344525

Might as well get the float bowl screw kit

Got to have the extended fuel mix screw too :applause:

I'm thinking about getting the Mikuni jet removal tool... is the 6mm one the one I need?

What else? Short of flying Burned here to do the work, any other value item I should add while this is apart?


NM_Longshot :applause:

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Be very careful with carb cleaner. It can ruin anythin rubber /plasitic ect.

Why not jet just get a jet kit JD or Dyno)? Float bowl screws are a must. The jet wrench is not really needed. Might want to put in a new float needle/valve assy. Otherwise, sounds like you are on the right track.

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