Has any one tried ,tested or heard what system is better or understand the benifits of one over the other ? (White bros carbon pro or FMF 4.1 with mega bomb) . Thanks for your input

I ride an '06 YZ450F and first added a FMF titanium powercore exhaust. I didn't notice much of a power increase, maybe a little in the mid and top but the bottom was still softer than my CRF was. I just added a FMF Megabomb and that helped the power a lot more than the exhaust did. Low end power is more responsive and the bike pulls sandy corners far batter than before. If I had to do it all over again I would have stayed with the stock exhaust and installed just the Megabomb. Never tried the White Brothers but I am very satisfied with the Megabomb header. Good luck.


factory 4 pipe, very good pipe

The general consensus is that Yamaha did a very good job with the exhaust system on these bikes, and you're not going to get overwhelming differences from stock to aftermarket. A lot of guy's replace the stocker with aftermarket because they are trying to get the power in more of a specific RPM range. For example, one guy might want more low end than stock, so he gets aftermarket pipe A. Another guy wants more top end, so he goes with pipe B. There are pipes that will help out the entire RPM range, but they aren't going to give as much difference as say a stock Honda pipe versus aftermarket. It's just that Yamaha did such a good job with the stocker, that you're not gonna get a huge difference.

yeah exactly, or some people just like the sound and look of there pipes, and the power at certain points. some of the stock pipes are just plain fugley on some bikes. and a little restricting in some of the power areas

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