L.E.D blinkers with led flashing indicator lite

well I just finished hooking up my flashing led blinker indicator lite, the trick is to 1# split the positive wire off the led so you have two wires instead of one.

2# solder a diode on each of these wires so that the power can only feed toward the led.

3# now take your right blinker wire,the one that comes from your blinker and hook that wire to the other end of the diode and then to the sky blue wire.

4# now take your left blinker wire the one that comes from your blinker and hook it up to the other diode then hook it into the orange wire.

5# hook all the grounds together.

6# your blinkers should now work the led indicator.

this set up works if you already have led blinkers with the correct flasher.

you can get the diodes at radio shack,not sure of the part number,but just ask them for them and tell them there for 12 volt.

good luck:thumbsup:

Cool. Thanks for the info. I find my blinkers on all too often without an indicator. Sounds like a simple upgrade.

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