xr650r complete wheel

Does anybody sell complete rear and front wheels, with rim, spokes, hub, sprocket, brake disc, etc for the XR650R? I'd like to have a set of complete wheels set up as road ready (more street oriented tires) that I can swap with my off-road only set of wheels/tires.

When searching TT I saw that finding a used full set is not easy, and I don.t want to buy a complete xr650r jsut for the wheels.

Any pointers?


I just did a search for you on ebay. If you search xr650r there are three different choices. Motard setup, ice racing setup, and improved stock setup! Good luck!

Thanks! I went on ebay and lost a bid for 2 wheels and tires. I had high bid at $405 with 1 minute left. In the last 60 seconds the high bid went to $475.

What is a good price for a rear wheel with hub, spokes, disc, a tire, and a sprocket?


I've been buying em new rather than messing with Ebay. Front 03 or older goes for 350 with a rotor, back is a little pricey at 600 bucks. Then figure another 200 bucks for new tires, UHD Bridgestone tubes and Honda rim locks.I get the stuff from my local dealer, otherwise try TT store or www.servicehonda.com.


That is pretty pricey. I'm not ready to spend $1150 for 2 wheels and tires. Maybe that $475 for 2 used wheels and tires wasn't too bad!

I see that keepitroostin.com buys new bikes and parts them out on ebay. Maybe I can get a decent deal that way.


475 was a deal! At 499 buy it now, the wheels with the ice tires isnt to bad. New street rubber and your there! Take a chance on the motard set, but they will probably go around 1000 at the end. It all depends on how long you want to wait. Deals are to be had, but they are few and far between. See if the ice set will come down! Does not hurt to ask. my .02! Good luck.

Thanks, xr650l_bum. So, $500 for a pair of front/rear wheels in good condition is a good price, even if the tires are marginal?


If you can get a good complete set for the 650r, rotors and all around 500. I would say that is a pretty good deal. Tires will have to be changed eventually anyways! Spend what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes waiting for the deal of a lifetime costs a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Thanks! I went on ebay and lost a bid for 2 wheels and tires. I had high bid at $405 with 1 minute left. In the last 60 seconds the high bid went to $475.

that's why you never bid until the last 15 sec :applause:

sorry, I really needed a second set of rims :applause:

I've looked for months and this set was the best deal I could find, even at higher than what I ended up paying. The tires are irrelevant, but a nice bonus. The brake rotors were much more important to me, and the fact that I got a the fancy front tube and a heavy duty rear tube plus a 47 tooth Renthal sprocket in the process made the bid a no-brianer. I almost went for the ice tires but the lack of rotors makes swapping a pain. A few dents in the front Excel rim in the pair I bought are no problem - there'll be more...

pburke - Hope you feel better now!

Thanks for the feedback on the going rate for 2 complete wheels. At least now I'll have a better idea of how much I will have to bid.

I'm with you on the ice tires. I'm only interested in COMPLETE wheels. Besides, they look a little corroded in a couple of the pictures.

I'd be interested to hear how dinged up the front wheel is when you get it. I can never tell from the pictures.


a complete custom with custom hubs and rims will cost about $1170 new and all laced up -


add the rotors, sprocket and tires/tubes and you get an idea why $500 is a good deal. There's nothing wrong with stock hubs and even the stock rims are well respected. I was ready to pay $600 for the set yesterday but lucky the reserve was much lower. Just search closed auctions on ebay to see what folks pay for brake rotors and wheels/rims and you'll see that this is a decent price. I guess XR650Rs also have a higher demand for extra wheels, either for Baja racing tire changes or for dual sport use and fast gearing/tire swaps for road/dirt use of a plated bike.

As for the dings - I figured if it's hard to see on the pix it can't be too bad. Plus, the actual rim isn't that expensive to replace - brand new 21"x1.60 Excel is about $150. I know a guy who knows how to lace them, so I can always replace the front if it is bent too much for offroad use.

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