FMF POWER BOMB HEADER - Will This Work W/ A Stock Exhaust?

Will a FMF POWER BOMB HEADER work with a stock muffler on an 06 YZ 450? If so, I should feel improvement in my powerband, I would think?


Yes it should, Dirt Rider did it with and '07, they felt it improved the power characteristics.

It worked fine with my 04

How about a MegaBomb with stock exhaust?

that will also work

i was on the phone with fmf last week and he said that their slip-ons work with the stock headers but their headers DON"T work with the stock muffler. that doesn't really make sense. does it???

Check out my thread on 4th or 5th page (06/07 megabomb difference)My megabomb was an 1/8 inch smaller than the stock muffler connection.

I just bought a FMF Powerbomb header for my 2006 450F. Even though it says in the book 2003-2006 YZ450F I had my doubts about it fitting the new bike. I tried installing it last night and it barely fits and hits against the water lines coming out of the water pump. I mean, it's pushing right up against the water line. Obviously this is a no go, I'm returning the pipe tomorrow and I guess I'll be putting on a Megabomb instead.

I was hoping the powerbomb would work since it seems more durable. I've heard of Megabombs getting dented from roost and one that got crushed in a low speed crash. I'm running a FMF Q2 slip on and was hoping to get more snap on the bottom using the Powerbomb.

There would be no reason to think that an '03-5 header would fit an '06. The cylinder slope angle is quite different on the two engines.

There would be no reason to think that an '03-5 header would fit an '06. The cylinder slope angle is quite different on the two engines.

I have a powerbomb header on my '06 and it fits just fine.

The header for and '03-'05 is the same 5TA-14611-00-00 for all three years.

The header for the '06 is different (2S2-14611-00-00), which is because of the changes to the engine layout. The '07 is different again (2S2-14611-20-00), but that has to do with an exhaust redesign using a different muffler and a stepped header. I'm certain they make one that fits, but I remain highly skeptical that they are the same part as the older one.

FMF part number is the same for the 03-06 and different for the 07. I think I'm gonna try a powerbomb on my 06, so I'll find out how it fits.

I just installed a Megabomb on my '06 YZ450F and it was listed as fitting 03-06. It fits fine although it is connected to a FMF Ti Powercore exhaust. The Megabomb really helped the low end on which was my only complaint about the bike. It made a much bigger improvement than the exhaust did.

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