Paddle Tire for WR.......

Does anyone know what size paddle tire will fit on the WR's 18in Rim. I have called three tire distributers today and none of them had a clue. Got a dunes trip in one week and I'd like to try one out.....

Thanks in advance...

Bonzai :)


My Local Yam dealer does paddle stuff all the time. Cal Coast Motorsports

Ventura, Ca. 93003 805-653-5884

Ask for Dean, he seams to be the smartest there..


In my experience paddles only vary depending on the number of paddles, either 8 or 10. Since my WR has been changed to a 19" rear wheel I could only get the 8 cup paddle but if I had the 18" wheel I would go with the 10 cup paddle. Also, you may think twice about taking your bike to the dunes. I took mine to Glamis once and swore I would never do it again because sand gets everywhere. Be prepared to do a full tear down, clean and regrease after you get back. Maybe I am just a bit anal about my bike upkeep but that is my opinion. Eric

One more thing to remember when using a paddle is to take off the mudflap because the paddle will hit it at higher rev's and destroy the thing. Take some duct tape and wrap your coilspring so it doesn't get blasted by sand. Eric

I would go with the 8 paddle, will give you more clearance and unless you're trying to win some $ drag racing/hill climbing you probably won't notice the difference. Also, you can leave the mudflap on but if you do just be conscious not to stop of the top of any razor backs because that is where the paddle will munch the mud flap.

I have to agree with Blu Boner. I doubt I will ever go to the dunes again.

I have been twice and tearing the bike completely down is no fun.

Also, I would go with the 8 paddle if you are going to go. The engine has to work hard enough as it is with 8 paddles. Add 2 more and youre really putting drag on the motor.

What Blue and Got milk said.

But..... I ran an 8 on my CR250 and had the time of my life. Oh, I did break the rod in half from riding in the sand but it was fun while it lasted. An 8 will put less stress on your bike than a 10. I have also ridden with regular tires on sand and still had a great time.

Bonzai :)

Ps. Cheng Chin (S?) makes really good ones. Non-vulcanized.

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I appreciate the input....I was checking with a couple of distributers today and one of them suggested using the new Dunlop 773 instead. The design looks good and it's supposed to be great in the mud as well....Seem like mud riding is all I get around here in the winter anyway.

Additionally a friend that goes to the dunes alot tells me that if I smear the outside of the swing arm bearing and the link bearing housings with red molly grease before I ride, I won't have problems with sand getting inside the bearing area....

Does than sound reasonable to you guy's who've been there?

Bonzai :)

What is wrong with you guys? Mud is what I hate. Mud is what requires a full tear down. I ride in sand every day and all I need to rid my bike of it is an air compressor.

No seal-eating, bearing-invading, grease-displacing power washing is necessary.

I just serviced my steering and linkage bearings and after more than 50 hours not one speck of sand could be found. Most of the grease I put in there 6 months ago was still there, thanks to the lack of a power washer in my garage. Grains of sand, even “sugar sand” like at Glamis are still much, much larger than a grain of mud (which is just wet silt).

In short, I don’t know how you guys that ride in mud can possibly complain about sand. But that is just me.

Also, I think I’d prefer an 8 over a 10 cup paddle, maybe on a WR with the lower gears this isn’t an issue, but with an 8 cup at Glamis I was still a little worried about my clutch. An 8 cup is A LOT of traction.

I don’t think spreading grease on the outside of your bike’s seal areas is necessary, or even a very good idea. It will just attract a lot of sand which may then find a way past the seal.

Just make sure your bike is clean and dry. Easy on the chain lube, or none at all (I use wax), wipe away all excess grease.

Then, if you can, just blow off whatever sand that does stick to your scoot with some compressed air.

I honestly don’t know what the fuss is about. If you guys think sand is going to invade your bearings what do you think happens when you direct a 1,200 psi water jet at a glob of mud clustered around a bearing seal?

I’ll tell you. You end up with a bearing full of water and silt.

Maybe I’m just lucky, or real good, because I never find sand in my bearings.

What Hick said. I rode in sand everyweekend (well almost every wkend) for over 7 years when I lived in NM and never had problems that could compare to when I lived back east. The mud back there created all kinds of wear that I never got from sand.

My .02

I kind of think of it the same way as when sand hits your back. It goes down your shirt and into your pants residing in the buttocks region.


has this ever been a pleasurable expierence for anyone? Little tiny rocks in a very sensitive area. Not good.

Same with your bike. I have found sand in several areas upon disassembly of the 400.

Now, I will admit it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, but I usually tear the bike down every 5 or 6 months after riding in the mud and I found no trace of dirt or water. And yes, I do powerwash. The secret in powerwashing is not putting the sprayhead right on the bearing/seal. I usually hold it about 12" or more away from any seal or the chain.

I have been to the dunes twice and once my friend that owned a kx250 (and yes, he is VERY meteculious (sp?) about his bike) had to put all new swingarm bushings and bearings in, and the next time I went another friend had to rebuild his engine because of sand slipping past the filter. With him, well, his maintenance is suspect.... :)

All in all, it is very hard on a bike, but isnt that what they are for? Having fun no matter how you use them?

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The dunes are a FREAKING BLAST guys. Imagine riding your bike in a giant skateboard park for motorcycles. Personally I think it's worth changing the tire, lubing...whatever. The 8 paddle will throw a hell of a roost, but my S12's I ran on the Husaberg worked great too (especially the front.)

I have a 10 paddle 18" for sale. The more paddles you have the smoother the bike will feel. $50.00 plus shipping. You can reach me at

Originally posted by MOmilkman:

I kind of think of it the same way as when sand hits your back. It goes down your shirt and into your pants residing in the buttocks region.


has this ever been a pleasurable expierence for anyone? Little tiny rocks in a very sensitive area. Not good.

BWAAAAAH - - - -hahahahahahaaa!

You’re killin’ me!


I agree about the power washing. Don’t aim it directly at any seal area (or the radiator fins).

As long as your seals are in good condition they remain a more effective barrier against sand than they do against mud (especially very wet mud). If sand is getting in there, the first mud hole you hit will fill them up.

:) Not that I ride sand at all, we don't have a lot of desert over here, but it stands to reason that, apart from yer chain/sprockets there is no reason to worry about sand anymore than mud, or dust or road salt! As Hick says if your seals are good enough for for liquid grinding paste mud then they will certainly keep out much larger sand granules, after all.....Size is everything! :D

A Used Paddle for $50. plus shipping....What do you think this is Cycle Stupid?

I can ge a brand new one with shipping for $49.00

on the Web. Hell...For $59. I can get a new D773.

Thanks but no thanks...

Bonzai :)

I blast my rad every week with a presure cleaner have done for 24 months with no damage as long as your carefull not to bend the fins it gets rid of all the mud in there keeps you cool

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