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Some Indy Show shots.

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I got in late on Saturday because of the crappy weather and left Sunday. I didn't get alot but here a few that caught my eye. The Chinaman displays provide some great entertainment.

The new DINOSOUR Quad! Look out!


This is your Manufactory, whatever that is.


Fly fish!


Ducati's new quad.


The seat height on the Dirt Bike must be about 4 feet. I couldn't get my leg over it and I am 6'1".


It comes with dents in the tank already.


A little leg.


More talent.


I thought that these were outlawed?


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I just got from Indy. I seen some of those things. I also thought 3wheelers were outlawed. lol Its amazing all of those chinese dealers there. If you looked close enough they were all selling the same machines. At least i got to meet travis pastrana(sp?)

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