Upper Fork Protection

Hey guys what options are out there for upper fork protection, ive got some sratches i want to cover but also want to protect from further damage........I have seen those carbon covers but they are pretty expensive. Just wondering what other options there are.....

i am not interested in the neoprene seal savers as i have the short ones already and i think the long ones that cover the upper forks look ugly........

im just wondering if there is plastic, or thick stickers made for upper fork protection i have seen any........


99 yz400

yeh...the thick stickers work...buy those, they are cheap

Stickers are the cheapest way

FX, Ceet, one Industries, NStyle can all help you

Maier makes PVC ones that are cheap that you can zip-tie on or silicone on as I do. I have used them for years, but recently switched to the carbon fiber ones mainly because they look great.

I have the light speed ones; they protect the forks well, and they look great.

i just did some sweet sticker work on my bike you should check back for progress

thanx i just ordered a pair of thick carbon fibre 'look' stickers that say YAMAHA on them, 20 bucks for the pair..........

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