Best 50/50 sprockets?

Everyone says to gear down the stock XR650L but how will it affect highway cruising? I cant lug the trails as slow as I'd like but still want to be comfortable at HW speeds.... any advice on the best set up would be apprecitated. Thanks.

Im in the same dillema, im actually going down right now(waiting on wife) to the local shop to purchase renthal 14 tooth front and 48 tooth rear and o ring chain ,from what ive researched thats the way to go .

There is no "best" setup. All you can do is compromise. The simple thing to do is put a 14 countershaft on. That really helps the bike in the dirt, but doesn't make it too bad on the highway. You can always swap out the countershaft sprocket. Use the stock 15 for the road and put the 14 on when headed to the dirt. It doesn't take long to swap.

When I got my L, it needed chain and sprockets and I put a 14/45 combo on. It's a really nice compromise. I do around 50/50 riding. The bike will still cruise along at 70-75 and doesn't seem to be breathing that hard.

In retrospect, I wish I'd went 15/48 since I was getting all new chain and sprockets. Then I could go to a 14 on the front for really slow going. With 14/45 on there, I can putt around pretty slow in 1st, but the jump to 2nd is sometimes a gap that I wish was a bit closer.

Lots of threads on this subject out there.

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