Desert Riders - How about an east coast visitor?


I am thinking of living out a little dirt bikin dream. All I have ever ridden is East coast woodsy style stuff and some sand pits in NJ. I have always had the urge to go west and experience desert riding. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view) my company which I just started at 3 months ago underwent a nationwide downsizing. So I have some free time on my hands now while job hunting.

I was wondering if anyone who is a desert rider would be up for putting up an east coaster for a few days and showing the ways of the west? Maybe even a couple of people and I could jump from place to place and experience a bunch of new stuff. I probably wont do this until I get a job (if I do it at all) lined up and push back the start date.

Any east coasters have the free time and up for splittin the road trip as well?

Just a crazy thought.

If you promise to bring your Duke! :)


If you plan on making it out this direction in late Feb. I have a crew going down to prerun the San Felipe 250. Eric

r6roadracer, you make it out here to the west coast and we will make the time for you. Also, if possible maybe you could come up north and do some NorCal riding. Awsome! Its only a few hours drive from SoCal. I don't know if you were planning on coming this far west but, if you can make it email me and we will set something up. Paul

Blue Boner,

Are you looking for more people to do the prerun with you? I'm heading down to San Felipe on the 22 of February.

2001 WR426 :)

We live in Big Bear CA. 30 min. from johnson vally . Induro the 20th at couger butts . Pays both dez. and induro points . How soon are you planning to come out . House is at 7000FT . Dez. is 3000 + or - . Jim .


Thanks for the invites!! Once I know more about my job situation I will make the decision if I am gonna road trip it.

r6, I too am in philly, near franklin millls mall. We should hook up sometime. e-mail me,



01xr100r wife

00 cr50 boy

91 kx-125 buddybike :)

r6roadracer, you better learn how to ride that thing before u go out desert riding. :)

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