1993 xr650L Should I ????

Need some opinions. Been looking at the XR boards. I have NO experience riding a dirtbike. Spent the last year on a Rancher Fourwheeler with my younger son, my older son has a Crf230 which he is doing well with. My younger son is ready to ride the Rancher on his own. So I'm looking for a bike. It will be a XR, but need a good deal. I'm 38, fat, 260lbs, about 6'1". Will never ride on the street. We have some tight trails but find we like to open up on the fire lanes and dirt. No jumps. The 230 woops my younger son and I (380lbs) total on the Rancher. Found a 93 Xr650L for $1400.00. Looks ok, relatively stock, I'm hoping it will last to the weekend when I can see it. Would this bike meet my needs? It's know its heavy and i'm not looking forward to lifting it, but the e-start has me spoiled. I have been told with my weight I may have to respring a xr250 or xr400? For flat trail riding, some tree dodging, will the 650L stock suspension be ok? I'm not looking to tear up the trails, more concerned about not tearing myself up! I know the XR's are bullet proof but anything specific to look for on these bikes? Is the 650L too big for my inexperinence and I need to look at a 250 or 400? The owner's sure seem to like them all! Sorry so long.


I think you will be just fine with the XR650L. I am 5' 8" and pick my bike up with no problem, even up hill! It is a low maintenance bike as long as you do the maintenance. I wouldnt worry about the supension as long as all the seals are good. Like you said its just gonna be a trail bike and no "pucker factor" jumps. I jumpes on my Xr after not riding for years.......it was like I never missed a step. Get it! Ride it!

The 650L should work very well for you. Set the rear sag for your weight (somewhere in the vicinity of 4") and shim up the front springs to firm up the suspension. If you install a fork brace (I like the SRC) off-road handling is significantly improved.

I am 73" and 225. The XR650L is a fine bike - but tall and likes to nose dive over in tight turns, I have alot more fun on my XR250R - flickability factor is great and probably never a better trail bike made and suspension is fione, forks maybe a tad soft that is about it, ample power.

The XR650L is NOT a woods bike by any means, great at open trails and fire roads. Has more grunt than anyone would ever use and if it can ever get enough traction it will change the rotation of the earth.

Yeah. I'm concerned about the bike in the woods too. Its a beast- weight wise. Theres alot to say for flickabilty. Don't want to hurt for a week!

Ahhh Get an XR650R! You will grow into it but never outgrow it!

I am inquiring about a 2000 XR600 I found for sale, as well. Maybe I won't have to diet afterall!

Your right you won't have to diet because you will be kicking that big beast over the XR600 has no e-start....

Maybe a XR400 would be a good comprimise for you, still no e-start though, could go hi zoot and get a CRF450X....

An xr400 would probably make more sense. They are RARELY for sale in the Carolinas. Probably everyone has them dialed in and are enjoying them in the trails! I've come across more 600-650's. I think I rather get a bigger bike a stay stock with the power and suspension than get a 400 and modify it for my weight.

For the price, I'd say go for it. The L is a great bike. I love my '07. After dropping a tooth on fron sprocket it handles awesome even in the tight woods. It is heavy though. Only terrain I've found it does not like is moderate to deep sand. All over the place, gotta work to stay on top of it.

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