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Starved for fuel!?

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Riding the single track up in the Sierra's she just decides to die on me. Simply like she ran out of fuel. Switch it to reserve and kick, and kick, and kick. Nothing.

Pulled the tank & checked for spark & compression. OK! Plenty of fuel in the tank.

Pull the choke & she revs to the moon. BUT WILL NOT IDLE. Close the choke and she just dies. Work the throttle and she just bogs and dies. I can vary the revs by leaning the bike over. Wierd! So we towed her home. At the truck she starts spewing fuel out the overflow vent on the carb?

Took her home, and started with the fuel filter in the tank, cleaned the carb, blew out all the jets. Took special care with the pilot jet, she's clean. I did not take the choke or floats apart. Just cleaned them.

Put it all back together, now she won't even start at all. Choke or no. No more overflow fuel thru the vent.

Now I'm thinking, floats. Somethings up with the floats I think. Clues = overflow of the vent when the bike is sitting & varying RPMs when bike is leaned over.

I'll pull that beast apart again today. I'll specifically check that the floats are operatiing correctly and that the reeds are whole and functioning properly.

Other than than, I'm lost.


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:applause: That was it!

Just cleaned that carburator out again. Blew out EVERY crack & crevis.

Thank you! :applause:

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