XR650l -will start -only idle with choke-backfiring

Ok first the L would not start so I went and got some gas. :applause:

I filled her up and it started right away :lol: but wont idle with the choke off.

I can ride it :cry: but need to keep the choke open 1/4 to 1/2 of the way when I come to a stop sign.:

I can turn the choke off when riding and it pulls ok but it back fires a little bit.

I checked the plug and air filter and it looks good. I got a new CDI about 500 miles ago.:applause:

The only thing i can think of is that my clutch cable is starting to fray but it has been like that for 5-6 rides before I parked it and has never been a problem. Is it hard to replace

Oh yeah one more thing the idle did cyle a bit at the last stop light. Went up than down and the choke was on.

Any suggestions?

the bike a 94 650l 14K, is jetted, exhaust, smog off, clarke tank etc.

Thanks for the advice in advance-

Pull the bottom off the carb and clean the main and pilot jet. You should be able to see through both.

Carb need cleaning.

or a loose jet... had one fall into my float bowl once made for all kinds of fits.

Make sure it's not leaking air...check the boot between the carb and the head.try spraying some wd40 in that area,if it's sucking air the roughness should go.

A few thoughts:

- could be water in the gas

- if it has had the pilot jet replaced, and they used a long pilot jet, the slosh baffl could be blocking the jet

- fuel screw got bumped?

- latest batch of gas was gasohol (makes the jetting 14% lean for a 10% ethanol mix)


That will be the pilot jet being partially or fully clogged. It is the smallest orifice in the engine and sitting for a lengh of time or dirty gas can easily plug it up. Especially a problem in small engines. A buddy of mine has gotten many a good deal on little bikes for his kids because they wouldn't idle without the choke. Easy fix.

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