Tire Pressure



So my '07 Owners Manual says 22 psi

But the sidwalls on the XRL say 36 psi...


The number on the tire is the maximum that the tire is rated for. I always run lower than that on my cars, trucks and bikes. Dirt performance usually goes up with decreasing pressure. The limit is pinch flats. Run too low a pressure and a square edge will pinch the tube between the rim and the tire.

Depending on the trerain I usually run 13 or 14 in the front and about 11 in the rear on my XR600. If it's really rocky I may increase that to 15 in the front and 14 in the rear.

More pressure makes for better road manners. That's where the 22 comes from.

It really depends on where you are riding.

Keep a pump with you and you can mess with air pressure all you want.

Keep a pump with you and you can mess with air pressure all you want.

This may be a stupid question. Is one of those little telescoping mountain bike pumps big enough for adjustments on a dirt bike, or would i be there all day for 3 psi?

Those little bike pumps work fine for motorcycle tires. 15-20 pumps should yield several psi, give or take. Try not to put any side-to-side pressure on the valve stem, lest the sharp rim hole cuts into it.

Unless you have switched to rim locks you had better watch the low tire preasure.

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