Help! Wr Stator powering Baja Designs runs, no lights

I know there are a lot of threads covering this topic, but I have not found one covering my situation. Let me tell you the background story briefly.

I have an 02 YZ426 with the dual sport (and CA street legal!) kit on it. I hit the external stator on a rock and damaged the stator causing a massive oil leak. To fix it more economically, and get rid of the rock hitting hazard, I installed the WR stator on my YZ. I followed the electrex instructions (as provided by threads on TT...Thanks guys!) and all worked great...for one ride. The ground wire did not have enough clearance from the flywheel and it rubbed, taking off the insulation and causing an arc to occur at high rpms. The bike was backfiring and missing at about 1/2 throttle and higher rpms. I took the stator back out and re-engineered the wire correctly. Now the bike runs great, but unfortunately, the lights are not getting power.

Why is my lighting kit (headlight, turn signals, brake light, everything) not working? Did I fry my regulator? The fuse going into the regulator is not blown...

How can I trouble shoot this?

Ok, update. I got out the multi-meter and tested the voltage coming out of the stator on the wire that connects to the lighting system. It reads 0.5 Volts. Basically, 0 voltage.

Does this mean the stator is completely fried?

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