650L- backfires- wont idle without choke on

With the nice weather here this weekend I was going to go for a ride but the L was out of gas. I filled it up and it starts right away but it wont idle without the choke on. ( I filled a 1 gallan -started no problem- and than drove to fill it completely)

It runs ok with no choke but has a little backfire if I leave it on. When I come to a stop sign I need to open the choke 1/4 to 1/2 way or else it dies.

I checked the plugs and the airfilter but they were good.

The only other problem that I am aware of is that my clutch cable is frayed. It has been like that for a while now and has never been a problem. Would it make a differance?

It is a 94, jetted, piped, smog removed. I put a new CDI in about 5 months ago.

Any ideas what could be my problem. In ran fine about two weeks ago when I parked it.

Sounds like a fuel delivery problem, maybe dirty/clogged jets. Check the petcock for adequate fuel delivery to the carb.

Sorry I posted twice- I did not see the oringal come up so I poted a second time.

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