650R: anything to do for hot cams w/o decompressor cam?

quick question, i'm putting on the hot cam stage 1 and it looks like it just doesn't have the ability to hold the decompressor cam. right? i was just wondering if i need to do anything with the little thingy it pushes on? or just leave it alone?



I've seen this question asked before and I have a HotCam stage one. You can definitely make it work with the decomp lever. Try searching?

well it look like the decomp lever will still work, since that just pushed on the rocker arm. but what does the decomp cam on the camshaft even do?

the bar lever will stay the same. The auto decomp will not go on the new cam.

On the 400's and 600/650L's you will need to remove the oil "thingy" , but the 650R has a retainer clip holding it in and it can stay where it is at.

As far as what the decomp on the stock cam "really does"---just kick it over once with the new cam, and you will know the answer.

XR650R has a lever decompressor and an auto-decompressor. The auto-decompressor is the mechanical contraption between the lobes and the timing gear flange on the stock cam. You don't need it on the aftermarket cam. Just the flange so you can mount the timing gear.

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