2006 vs. 2007

I was wondering if the 2007 YZ450 turns much better than the 2006? I got an offer for a hold over 2006 for $5800. Would it be worth it to get 2006 or go ahead and get the 2007? Oh yeah, any mods for the shorter guys around

5'6'' tall?

If I were you I would go with the 06 because they really dont change the bikes that much any way and it sounds like a pretty fair price.

I got a new 06 450 from a Yamaha dealer in Fort Oglethorpe, GA for $4999 + tax ($350). You might want to work them over a little on the price. The 06 handles great, just slide the forks up a bit.

Buy a new front tire, I have a 756, it will greatly improve the cornering.

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