no 5th gear!!

can anybody help me, last week at three palms my 2001 yz426f would not shift

into 5th gear, it sounded like you were in neutral.

it's a known problem for the earlier yz's and WR's, do some searching in the yamaha forum im sure youl find lots of info on it.

^^^ Really ... Wish I knew that before I off-loaded my 03' yz250f for the same problem ... 5th was exactly like shifting into neutral ... The kid I got the bike off of initially swore up and down that it had been like that since a rebuild and wasn't broken, just screwed up somehow by the morons who rebuilt it ... Figured it was likely a bent shift fork, but never bothered to fix it because I got a deal I couldn't refuse on an 04' yz450f ...

That is going to be a hardware problem, and regardless of what it turns out to be, it will involve a complete tear down.

You're looking at gear damage of one kind or other, and it needs to be taken care of immediately, since the engine and trans oil is the same, and you do NOT want to pump the debris from a broken trans through your engine any more than necessary.

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