Vortex x10 on yz450f


When I bought my 2004 yz450f it had allready Vortex CDI. I have been doing some research about it and found a table:

1 - Best overall power

2,3,4,5 - Traction

6,7 - Aggressive Power

8 - Vortex 2004 WR250F Map

9 - Std '05 YZ250F Map & Cam Timing

10 - Std 03 WR250F

and I found another one:

MAP 1 (BAR SW) MAP 1 Best overall pwr 11,700

MAP X 10 MAP 2 Traction 11,700

MAP X 10 MAP 3 Traction 11,700

MAP X 10 MAP 4 Traction 11,700

MAP X 10 MAP 5 Aggressive 1 11,700

MAP X 10 MAP 6 Aggressive 2 11,700

MAP X 10 MAP 7 Aggressive 3 11,700

MAP X 10 MAP 8 YZ Best PWR 11,700

MAP X 10 MAP 9 YZ O3 STD 11,700

MAP X 10 (0) MAP 10 (0) WR 03 STD 10,500

First table tells that there are 4 traction maps, but the second one is telling 3. Which is right?

My CDI box was set to number "3", so it should be traction. I must say that there is really a noticeable difference if I compare #1 map to #3, because #3 is really smoother and comes handy in mud and sand. I haven`t had a chance to try any different maps, but I think I will be riding (MX only) with #1 map anyways. The second map I am going to choose should be good for starts, so I am asking what do you recommend?

I forgot to ask how has the jettings needed to be changed? I think I am not going to change anything, but for example I have a rather large main jet(175) and I thought it might be because of Vortex CDI?

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