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450x pipe on an 02 450r

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You all might think i am nuts but I want to quiet my 02 450r down! I re-packed the stock pipe and to me it still made too much noise! So....I baught a used 450X pipe (suposed to be quiet and comes with a spark arrestor) cheap because everyone else wants more noise and power.... I will sacrifice power for lower noise (which I think more people should do too...but...) Whilst trying to put it on my 02 it seems that the pipe connection was moved forward on the newer models as well as the sub-frame bolt was moved down to where the original pipe connection was. It looks like if I just cut the '02 header pipe off about 3-4 inches it will fit correctly. Has anyone done this? If I cut it off I am committed and if it does not line up I just sacrificed a perfectly good front header pipe. The sub-frame bolt is easy as all I need to do is weld on a screw tab.

Other things I am worried about are spring clearence (looks tight but pipe has a flat spot in it in just the right place) and tire/brake caliper clearence when suspension is collapsed. Any insight would be great....

Hey if some of you have un-usable old '02 headerpipes with big dents in them lying around for me to use as mock-up you could send one to me.....


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