Glowing header pipe!!!!!!

We could have a seperate thread titled "Who got an infraction from Gray?".

I'm in...:applause:

I guess we all need a reminder about people-skills from time to time. :applause:

ooo how bout this one!!!!

the chip on my shoulder makes me a a$$ hole, what do i do???

give the guy a break...

the glowing header freaked us all out the first time...


...Stainless steel pipe on that bike though, not Ti)
You bring up a significant point here. In the first place, most engineers take advantage of the strength of titanium by using less of it than other materials. Ti headers are often no more than 1mm (.040) thick. Combine that with the fact that Ti has a lower "glow temp" than most steel alloys, and your pipe is red in no time.

BTW, searching on the words "header pipe red" produces 71 threads in this forum, 99 in the WR4** forum, and 129 in the YZ/WR250F forum, in case anyone thought they were alone in this. :applause:

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