Antifreeze leaking from hose

I have a 2001 YZF426, and before i put it away for the winter, I started up the bike,(hard time doing...very cold!), and put fuel stabilizer in it and let it idle/run for a while. The next thing I look and there is a puddle of antifreeze under the bike dripping from one of the hoses. When you revved the bike up, it came out faster too! What would be causing this? It was a very cold day, so is there a chance that maybe the water was frozen in the radiator??..any info would be nice!!

"Letting it run for a while" is the likely cause. The big four stroke water cooled bikes do not suffer stationary idling well at all, and anything longer than a minute is pretty much asking for a boil over.

If it's cold enough, you should check the anti-freeze protection in the bike. Allowing the coolant to freeze can cause serious radiator damage due to the expansion of water as it turns to ice.

Sounds like the hose coming off the water pump is loose (more rpm, bigger leak). Check all the hose clamps. If thats not it, and it was not coming from the radiator overflow from overheat, you've got way bigger problems.:applause:

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