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OIL questions? Found this site.

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Yeah, not a bad site. Not real big on the technical details, but his simple tests seem reasonable. Bob has reinforced my conviction to stick with SG rated oil while it's still available. Thanks for posting that!

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Glad I could help warpig. Here is the link to the forms if anyone is interested.


I just happen to find it when I switched to Mobil 1 in my car. It started ticking. So I went to a Camry form and I guess they all have that problem with Mobil 1 synthetic.

I emailed Mobil 1 and here is what they sent me back.

Thank you for your inquiry,

I really can't explain this phenomenon in your vehicle as we have

thousands of Toyota and Gm owners that utilize Mobil1 motor oils without

any ticking sounds from the engine. generally this sound is due to the

high lifter valve bleeding issue where the motor oil drains down back to

the oil pan after the vehicle has been sitting. Mobil generally

formulates the motor oil on the thinner side of the viscosity curve for

better floe to the engine parts at start-up, which may have something to

do with it. The issue that you are experiencing is purely an annoyance

factor and nothing detrimental to the engine is ocurring. Rest assure

that Mobil1 motor oils will provide you unsurpassed protection and

performance over other motor oils in the market.

I would not recommend changing viscosities than what is recommended

by your manufacturer as this may make the problem worse.


Thank you for choosing ExxonMobil products.

If you need further assistance, please contact ExxonMobil at 1-800-ASK-MOBIL

I guess they don't read the Toyota forms. Ha

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